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The mule e.p.
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Hi-o squad!

This is a long overdue posting to all our nNep-peeps out in blogburg. we write this to you as the prime-a-reez have transpired, spring training has begun, and our own home state's governor became a total slut. That said, nNeptep has been busy with shows, writing, and trying to scrimp n' save our meager allowances in order to self-finance a new collection of songs. All of those plans atop our secret agent lifestyles of dayjobbies, friends, and lethargy should provide for a formidable year ahead!

We really can't wait to get our hindquarters back in the studio. For those keeping score, that's Sunburst Recording in beautiful Culver City CA, run by the affable, amiable Bob Wayne. We are closing in on our dollar quota needed to get in there, as well as getting our original compositions touched up and studio-friendly.

How are you? Good, that's good. We hope the itch has subsided, and you're finally applying that topical cream.

Otherwise, life is as good as it can be, and hopefully nNeptep will be coming soon to a theater near you. Keep it swarthy, keep those hooves shiny, and never feed a mogwai after midnight. Nanners!!


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mule and man


The nNep Video

nNeptep has made their first music video, which aired October 22nd of 2004, on KCET here in Los Angeles.

The video was for their unreleased song, "Proposition 66", and can be viewed by clicking below.

View PBS Video

nNew Tep

Coming Soon

The Mark E•P

Crass Tep

Calling all Crass fans! It's no secret that the late 70's UK punk collective, Crass, has been a huge influence on the collective known as nNeptep.

To pay totally homey homage, nNeptep will perform Crass's first album, "The Feeding of the 5000", in it's entirety, beginning to end....soon!

We will keep all of you nNeptoids up to speed on when and where this will happen.

For those of you who would like to find out more about who Crass is, just click HERE



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